VidLii is a video sharing site that was launched by Jan in 2015, and it's layout design resembles YouTube from 2009.


ClipBits (2015-2016) Edit

The first version of VidLii was created in 2015, under the name "ClipBits".

During the start of ClipBits, the site looked identical to the 2005 interface of YouTube, without having many features on the main page. In August of the same year, the site look was updated to the 2006 version of YouTube. Sometime around 2016, the name of the website changed to "VidBit".

VidBit (2016-2017) Edit

VidBit was released sometime in 2016. Its interface was comparable to late 2008 and early 2009 YouTube and lasted during most of 2016 until Jan decided to take it down which led to the short lived VidBitFuture.

Not long after VidBit died off, VidBit was revived again with the 2006 layout of YouTube for a shorter time while until sometime between June 8th-June 10th.

Really nothing happened during this time.

VidLii (2017-present) Edit

VidLii would change how it looked and it eventually changed its design into the 2008 YouTube design. For most of 2017, it got many updates. In August, VidLii would add a password recovery feature and TestLii for testing new features. In September, VidLii added playlist displaying for channels. In October of 2017, the site implemented new features in the inbox section, a page for uploading fan-made themes, awards, featured video selection for channels and the Cosmic Panda channel layout (similar to that of the YouTube Layout in 2011-2012). In December, social features for the Cosmic Panda layout and a page for user account management were added after numerous video player bugs were found due to the site getting immensely popular due to a popular Russian YouTuber, known as NFKRZ. NKFRZ made a video featuring VidLii. More features would be announced, including annotations, groups and a possible mobile app. During NFKRZ's very short time on VidLii, some people claimed that he would ruin VidLii even though not long after, he left after posting one last video. The site has emulated old YouTube interfaces, and as of Nov 20th, 2020, it uses the corresponding interface from 2009.

It was created by an internet user known by his first name, Jan, on December 2nd, 2017. This user has experience creating video hosting platforms.

Drama History Edit

2017-2018 Edit

Drama and Censorship on VidLii became a lot more common not long after 2017 ended. When the site's moderator known as AliTheZombie13 (Alison) would begin banning accounts on VidLii. This would include: Disrespect to its users, censorship, account banning, Insults and aggression by moderators, leaking of personal information (IP addresses, sensitive information, other private data, etc.), Account control, Threats by admins, and the banning of popular channels or deletion of videos that were featured. This would occur as a result of Alison being angry at a user named "Metro3ds" for sending in Art that contained offensive content shortly afterwards, which later led to his ban. The community was outraged, and many users on the site who would call out Alison for the uncalled ban would also get banned from the site as well, which caused the community to become quite more toxic.

On April 29th 2018, an Encyclopedia Dramatica user "DankJ20" would write an article about VidLii, and would immediately call out Ali for his actions while also blaming Jan for allowing the chaos to break out on the site. VidLii was cataloged as a "Toxic YouTube Ripoff" due to its reputation.

In May 3rd, when Jan discovered an Encyclopedia Dramatica article about the site, Ali was thrown out of the site. Jan didn't want to moderate the site ever again, so he made a "Admin Election" which consists of you sending a proposal on why you should deserve the admin role, This event was announced in the BitView Discord Server. Prominent individuals who lost the election includes Darkscythe.

Mal was taking the lead until AM surpassed him. When he won the election, he brought a few others along as well, two of these being Sudeurion, Green Mario and Formidable who were on his staff team and not long after they started to take down copyrighted content due to obvious reasons, however some people got pissed over not being able to upload Serbian Michael Jackson funny moments anymore, so more drama began to happen until Sudeurion left a couple of weeks before AM was replaced with Fattyman.

Not long after the whole election, he was thrown out and replaced with Fattyman in 12th July. At first, people were fine with Fattyman until once again more middle school drama happened after he changed the site design even more until he decided to go back to the text to speech Reddit video comment section, once again giving Jan moderation and claiming that every mod got pissed on and he won't hire anyone else until the end of 2018. (AM was the best Moderator and should never have been replaced.)

In May 2019, Jan would turn his focus from VidLii to a new video-sharing website called Vlare.

Joshua's final VidLii video

Joshua's final VidLii video. You WON'T be missed!

Goodbye, VidLii. You WON'T be missed!

2018-2019 Edit

In June 2018, a YouTube comedian known as JoshtheJosher (Joshua) joined the site and started to make "Reaction" videos which were basically him just watching videos and saying nothing most of the time. Not long after this, HeXa made his first "VidLii TV" episode which talked about Joshua. He didn't take it too seriously until a user named "JC" made a video about his "Metoo" video. Joshua was too upset that he ended up making & uploading a video calling him and his video out, however not long after this he left and started drama with CL21 until Joshua came back along with Edray "I'm Glad VidBit is back". At first people were fine with Joshua returning until he started to continuously talk about a YouTuber named "TMossBoss" after he said some stuff about a Suicidal girl. Eventually, the community got sick of him not shutting up about TMB so people began to call him out and take the piss out of him until he left after calling out Jan for being "a bad VidLii CEO" and also called him "Susan Wojcicki with a dick". However this didn't last long and he was back within a couple of weeks and so he continued to again bitch about TMB until he left for the last time after he saw the amount of criticism he was getting and made one last video talking about how people were taking the piss out of him.

REMINDER: Please don't hate on Joshua as he has moved on from this now.

Current State Edit

In early May 2019, when Vlare was released, most of VidLii community moved to Vlare or left the community in general. This has caused the community to shrink and a decline in quality on VidLii.

Another thing about the decline of the site is that overtime some users began to join in overtime which lead to the community becoming more unstable.

During the middle of 2019, a massive wave of "Barney Bunch" videos by several users hit VidLii, consisting of text-to-speech videos of cartoon, TV and film characters, all male, being extremely promiscuous homosexuals. While it didn't cause a site-wide controversy, it drew the attention of some users, and the videos often flooded the 'Most Recent' section of the site. This wave died down around August 2019, when one of it's main players stepped down due to drama and not wanting any part in it.

Even though VidLii remains up, its future is still in question since the launch of Vlare.

As of July 2020, VidLii is in poor health and some of the community has moved to other websites like BitView, Vlare, Vimeo, BitChute or YouTube due to the site's current state.

As of September 2020, VidLii serves as a temporary replacement for Vlare as the latter undergoes server fixes.

VidLii was believed to be possibly shut down on February 6, 2020 but it was possibly an internal server error.


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