• is a video sharing site created by Jan and Mel (Sudeurion) in an attempt to provide content creators with an alternative to YouTube.

The site combines elements of Modern YouTube and Social Media as it aims to increase the interactions between Content Creators and the people that are following their channels.

Vlare Socials Edit

History Edit

According to Plutonium Digital, Vlare was originally a video website.

During its early development, private sign-ups were conducted through VidLii, with a request to access to the private alpha (via Private//Direct Message).

The website was officially unveiled on December 10, 2018, and began public-testing in September. It would include it's own features, as well as well-regarded features YouTube has removed including Groups, Friends, Live-Chats, video sync-playback (such as Watch2Gether), and personal channel blogs.

On April 24th, 2019, Vlare's twitter account would announce that the Co-Founder of Vanillo Sudeurion had joined Plutonium as both a Content Creator and a Developer for the site, where he was assigned to design the Site's UI and to improve the site as it neared its launch.

It is confirmed Vlare plans to bring video annotations, a feature that YouTube removed back in January 2017. Vlare exited beta and became public on May 7th, 2019. In 6 months, Vlare gained over 3,000 sign-ups. In November 2019, the site experienced massive growth due to the COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) impact on YouTube. Slivr and Vanillo merged with Vlare around this time, and as a result, over 15,000 members joined, creating traffic that caused the development team to upgrade to a 40 Terabyte Server.

Starting the new year of 2020 off, the development team has confirmed the plans to release a major update currently referred to as "Vlare 2.0". This rebuild of the site and API promised to give the site a new interface and additional site features. But before these changes could be implemented, Melony resigned on December 15th, 2019 due to mental health concerns, though she had stated they may rejoin the team and make a return in the future. (In which she did on January 17th, 2020)

In February 2020, Mel and BMF would lay off the Majority of Moderators due to their inactivity and slow growth on the site. And on the 14th, the Vlare Discord Server would become limited to those who were original members, patrons, and premium members because of toxicity in the community, causing an over exaggerated reaction among many users on the site.

Some people left during/after the incident on February 16th 2020. During that time, VTTP, a new account, made videos talking to destroy, he made accounts that were very racist, he made fake accounts of these people impersonating:

  • MASF (Banned Twice)
  • James Andrew (Banned)
  • Kawaii Boy/ !*vikipedia*! (Banned)
  • Melony (Banned)
  • mrbananan (Banned)

VTTP's account was eventually banned, as were his copycat channels.

On May 7th 2020, Vlare celebrated its 1st birthday, & Mel returns to the Site.

On June 29th 2020, Vlare made a announcement which would make everyone have admin, which made the community concerned, but was actually a publicity stunt.

On August 17th 2020, Vlare went temporarily down to fix the site's server. In reality what really happened was a DMCA was issued but was unable to get the message to its host. This was not the first time Vlare went down, as the site went down in May 2020 until mid-June 2020 in order to fix it's uploader.

On August 20th 2020, if you try to visit the site with or without hesitant, you will instead get redirected to VidLii, and there is a low chance that a message will show up on the top, which reads: is going to be offline for a bit. Please be patient.
VidLii is a terrible option, And it seems like Vlare won’t come back until Mid 2021

On October 3rd 2020: Vlare‘s First Snapshot Has released.

On October 31st 2020, WYSIWYG announced that he is unable to work on Vlare due to a shortage of free time and other circumstances. He also announced that he will resume development once he is able to work on Vlare again.

Vlare Snapshots Edit

Vlare Snapshots are like little Versions of Vlare that release every 2 Months, the pages for Snapshots are on this page:

Features Edit

The website has a vertical navigation toolbar with quick access to all options.

Like VidLii, Vlare.TV allows free hosting for videos with up to 720p@30fps up to a certain file size. Users with Vlare Premium are currently granted uploads up to 1080p@60fps. Vlare Premium also comes with a number of other benefits, including:

  • Video downloads
  • Animated avatars
  • Extended video file-size limits
  • Ad-free viewing
  • Premium role in their official Discord server

These monthly subscriptions further the site by assisting with the costs of hosting the service and developing new features.

Vlare.TV includes many smaller features to all members to compete with other video sites including:

  • Multi-channel management under a single account
  • A real-time count of active viewers of the current video.
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Content-specific channel categories
  • Animated video previews for all uploads
  • Mobile website layout, in addition to Desktop website layout
  • Channel blogs and blog categories
  • Statistics about each channel
  • Public statistics across the entire site
  • Quick-list (similar to YouTube "Watch-later" feature)

Vlare.TV maintains features that have been gradually removed from YouTube over the years, including:

  • Groups
  • Video responses
  • Ability to see currently watched videos
  • Ability to sort videos by ratings
  • Ability to explore the most rated, discussed, or viewed videos of today, this week, this month or all time, or newest videos
  • Custom channel backgrounds, text color, transparency, layouts, widget colors
  • Direct messaging
  • Live chat with other users
  • Friends (separate from Subscribers)

For Vlare 2.0, (which had been Discontinued due to its reputation) the team planned to include:

  • Live Streaming
  • Watch along feature
  • New Algorithm
  • Website Themes
  • New UI
  • Annotations
  • New API for future updates
  • Additional channel categories

Flaws Edit

  • 1080p resolution and 90-minute duration is currently only available to Premium members.
  • Edits to comments can only be made within a certain time frame.
  • Guidelines can be considered strict when compared to other similar sites.
  • Video thumbnail previews are auto-generated as low-quality GIFs by the uploader.
  • Vlare lacks comment linking, as used by YouTube.
  • Video time limit is unlimited to 45 minutes each, unless it's a livestream.
  • Occasional 522 and 504 Errors Plague the site, and can last from a few minutes, to weeks. One time even lasted 2 Months!

The Shutdown and Revival of Vlare? Edit

Due to a fail to receive a take down notice due to their failing servers, their server host has completely closed their servers, Seemly ending Vlare for good. But, the Vlare Team is planning to revive the Website and give it new features, including some of the promised Vlare 2.0 Features, with the new Vlare being set to release sometime in 2021.




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