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The goal of YouTube Alternatives Wiki is to discuss ways to fight YouTube's censorship, especially by promoting easily-accessible video-sharing sites which could function as alternatives to YouTube, but free of YouTube's thought-policing censorship. NOTE: if you're reading this, you also dislike YouTube's censorship, and you're less lazy than me, then please consider filling out at least one of these pages with info;;;; You don't even need a Fandom account to do so. Thank you in advance!

The problem with youtube alternatives

The main problem is that since so few people use any video-sharing websites that aren't YouTube, those websites get almost no views, so advertisers don't put their ads there. With no ad revenue, the websites have a hard time growing, mainly since content creators need ad revenue to keep creating content.

As a result of this, many youtube alternatives venture into different monetization options. Vlare for example offers premium membership at 5,99$, merges Patreon-like rewards into a video site. Many sites are blockchain / cryptocurrency-based and offer cryptocurrency as an incentive for uploading and hosting videos.

The idea is that content creators, who are unable to earn money with their content will leave the site and use alternative video hosting sites, with the ultimate goal of breaking the youtube (googles) position.

How you can help

If you're a content creator, seriously consider uploading your content to other video platforms as well. It may give you improved exposure towards new viewers and will help smaller sites to achieve at least some network effects [1]. Popular choices are, (peer to peer), and (not decentralized!).

Further reading


YouTube is now demonetizing videos from content creators deemed too controversial for the platform. YouTube's definition of "controversial" is incredibly vague, and it applies to almost anything remotely political. This is censorship, and censorship is wrong.

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